The Phoenix Metro region has a vast network of canals, initially constructed by early inhabitants of this region two millennia ago and rebuilt during modern times. These canals are our lifeline, supporting farming and providing a good portion of our drinking water. We have yet to leverage this amazing asset, however, to produce a distinctive and more sustainable desert urbanism. At this critical juncture, canalscape seizes this opportunity by:

  • Creating vital hubs of urban activity where canals meet major streets.
  • Enhancing the canals to offer more comfortable recreational corridors, non-motorized transportation options, and alterative energy generation.

Just as the early inhabitants applied their ingenuity to convert an arid land into a fertile valley, we are bringing human ingenuity to the next evolution of living in the southwestern US desert. Canalscape uniquely intersperses urban vitality into this majestic landscape, offering an alternative to sprawl, quality places to gather, beautiful and comfortable recreational corridors, alternative transportation routes throughout the region (walking or biking instead of driving), and homegrown non-polluting energy for local use.