The Valley’s Untapped Canals

[Source: Arizona Republic, July 12, 2009 – Author: Doug Maceachern] – “The irony of this desert community’s relationship with its only flowing water is not lost on everyone. There are people who have noticed, for instance, that of the 75 largest metropolitan region in the US, only six are built without a significant waterway nearby. They’ve noticed that only one of those six communities—its hottest one—has designed its communities to pretend what little water it has isn’t there. And, after more than half a century of intentionally designing neighborhoods to be blocked off from their canal waterways, these people are acting to turn the Valley around, so to speak. They have concocted a marvelous little plan to make us all face—and, once again, take some pleasure from—the single most valuable commodity in the desert, our flowing water . . . . That opportunity is almost shocking, it is so obvious and elegant in its simplicity.”
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