Arty Girl: Canalscape Opens Tomorrow at ASU

[From New Times reporter Lilia Menconi on the blog Arty Girl.] “Ellin sees our canals, based on the ancient Hohokam’s crop irrigation system, as spaces teeming with possibilities for cultural hot spots. And she’s been working with, well, everyone in town (ASU students, the City of Phoenix, City of Tempe, Arizona Humanities Council, American Institute of Architects, SRP and many more – just check out this impressive list) to promote and collaborate this exciting idea. Imagine going for a stroll or a jog along the canal. You’re not dodging traffic, you’re not hearing engines scream by and you’re not sucking up vehicle exhaust. Instead, you’re cruising along the waterway with other pedestrians, following the easy, quiet flow of the canal stream. Then you stumble upon a little marketplace. You can stop for coffee and read the paper, meet your friend for lunch or pop into a boutique for a little shopping.” To read the full article, visit the New Times blog.