5 Things Arizonans are NOT grateful for…but should be

[Source: Arizona Republic, November 26, 2009 – Author: Editorial Board] – “1. Canals. Metro Phoenix has 181 miles of canals, more than Amsterdam and Venice combined. Who would ever guess? If you know the right spot, you can find enticing paths, mountain views and a restored set of waterfalls. Unfortunately, we still treat a lot of the canal system more like hidden alleys. The Canalscape project, promoted by Arizona State University professor Nan Ellin, envisions ways to take advantage of the water to create more exciting developments where we could live, work or play. And — who knows? — maybe someday take a gondola. See the Canalscape Exhibition at ASU Art Museum in Tempe, extended now through Dec. 15.” To read the full article, please visit the Arizona Republic website.