Green Phoenix

Mayor Phil Gordon recently announced his plan for making the city of Phoenix the greenest city of America. The plan, a 17-point plan developed in collaboration Arizona State University, envisions Phoenix as a Solar City where energy is used efficiently and the power of the sun is harnessed. The canals were part of Mayor Gordon’s presentation of the plan:

“So what is it? It’s comprehensive. It’s training unemployed workers to rehabilitate distressed homes for water and energy efficiency. It’s converting public outside illumination to very high-efficiency, dark skies compliant lighting.

It’s expanding our creative recycling private-public partnership to every residence and business in the City. It’s developing our canal system for recreation and non-motorized transportation. It’s bringing all our public buildings up to new LEED retrofit standards — and painting Phoenix rooftops white, to better reflect the sun and reduce the urban heat-island effect.”

Read Mayor Gordon’s full speech here, or visit The Arizona Republic for coverage of the 17-point green plan.

View the Green Phoenix plan[PDF, 5.2MB], or visit the City of Phoenix website about Green Phoenix.